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October 05 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 11:36 ]
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And however, can, about it is impossible? But listeners, the future oarsmen who should deliver him from home, all these fathers, mothers, curious wives, sisters, daughters and slaves, possibly, would consider such story ordinary, trite history about the Insatiable woman which suffices in each country - they lay and wait in many beds. The island existed actually, there was a manor, and on Cape of the Pick, on island Eja, really was behind an abrupt and woody hillside.
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Posted by maturegranny  [ 10:57 ]
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And he has told, how his lonely ship has floated on the east aside Long coast and has stuck to island Eja, or Cape of the Pick, and about this adventure told long. Here to him the case to the validity though in the main thing he from her and did not deviate, deviated only in detail was again presented to return: Spoke about gods, dreams, desires and fears which tried to represent so that listeners have understood them and have accepted his explanations. He could tell, that shabby by a storm, gone astray and soldiers have met the widow of the rich land owner on this island, and can be, his unmarried and lonely daughter, powerful the lock which collected men and lead up them to loss of human shape; It it was possible to tell both about the Pick, and about.
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September 29 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 06:39 ]
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The heap of dung has mixed up with blood and bones of our lost comrades. Imagine, what to us was! And here. He has covered eyes with a hand. He should think, compose the end of an adventure, plausible on the verge of improbable. Now he has subdued them, they will assist him to reach up to the house if he will not spoil the story the silly end. He was lop-sided on. Tsar , can, he did not like roughness of the description, but he has been grasped by the story.
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September 23 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 13:15 ]
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But then many would deliver; Miss on houses and to sleep, and on road home, in dark streets cities, would speak each other: " Ah it that, volcanos. Well also what here especial? We happened there and saw their eruptions. We about them. It or turn in a dream with a side sideways, spitting out stones and throwing up fire from mountain and sea bowels. We wish to hear about feats, differently that for the sake of to stand here yes to waste time in vain, it is better to go home cross pigs or to play in spheres with children ". And he spoke: - Our ships have been precisely bewitched, all of us time got not there where floated.
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September 22 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 07:57 ]
He has described, how they ruined city, killing all men, capable to carry the weapon, and women and other extraction have decided to take away with itself; But have arranged a feast, have got dead-drunk and to sacrifice to gods of goats and bulls, and in the meantime have brought reinforcements from depth of the country. In twilight enemy chariots and infantry have appeared suddenly suddenly, fight proceeded all the day and has terminated that was necessary to run by the ships, had in huge losses.
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September 14 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 13:33 ]
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In an early youth he has lost sight on war and the last of three ten years diligently studied songs, and then executed their small, weak , but at all not knowing. While they ate, he sat in the side and something muttered, repeating a lesson. Before him there was a basket with bread and a cup with wine. And a courtyard were full of visitors, the feast was planned big and long. There were here and twelve advisers, and in general all notable people of city. The wanderer has again noted, that only the few have been armed. And the happy idea has lit up him when has delayed the second song. The first song was about gods - rather successful retelling of the history which have happened with , the Aphrodite and.
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September 07 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 15:45 ]
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Also has solved, that to him there was a vision. In fact the Mentor should be now in , he saw, how that ascended to the ship. Miracles he, however, has thought. Vision as like as two peas resembled on ! And however, that to be surprised? Miracles in that also consist, that visions seem. And there and then in him the alarm about his fine vessel has woken up. For an instant has thought and of the son - however, fleetingly because from the ship his idea at once has jumped on the draft animals made his property on Continent, are there were twelve foals, in which he (from vanity) has placed a part of the capital, and some mules.
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Posted by maturegranny  [ 04:54 ]
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When you have returned? You that, do not understand: I wish to know, what you have made with my fine vessel? - I come back always, - the Mentor, having pulled itself for a beard and stringing one for another has declared foolish ideas. - when I was young, I have returned from Crete. Then I have returned to Troy where never before happened, from Itaka where, the truth to tell, stayed almost always. I have returned from Troy upon termination of the greatest, bloody and severe war for all global history. Yesterday I have returned from village, I visited , we discussed with him problems of philosophy and a kitchen garden - they are well combined, these are related matters, and have found the decision.
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September 02 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 05:48 ]
I should transform the story into a legend, I should compose something such, that they are capable to acquire. I have visited the Empire Dead, and have then returned to her - the Pick-?"?"-?"?"-?, and I. " His satellites clambered upwards on mountain. They caught at branches of fur-trees, looked through them downwards, and is far, in a narrow gulf, saw the ship. Has already noticeably brightened, morning, already morning is fast. " Further we cannot go! - they shouted to him downwards.
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September 01 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 06:51 ]
We have much done a bit of travelling on light so with us this focus will not not take place, olden time! " Then he began to coil like huge the snake, hissed, tried to trip us up and to frighten us, then began to grunt, as a wild boar, and to jump, as the panther, and sometimes to us started to seem, that we have caught and we hold in hands a stream, the river, a stream, such he was nimble, and toward the end he has placed foots, representing from itself(himself) a tree, indestructible, in the ground roots an oak. But all of us equally strong held him and then he at last has surrendered. Has taken breath. He is tired from a narration because, telling, he coiled all body, tried to growl, so his voice though he was weak, thin and even almost squeaky, was given by an echo in , he tried to represent water and jumps of the panther, being shaken in all the sides, kicking and swinging hands.
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